Congrats to Sue, Paul, Leon, Dana and Jeannette

Sue, Paul and Leon competed Saturday at the Rose Bowl.

Half Marathon 5K
Leon, 2nd, 1.28.59 Sue, 4th, 30.42
Paul, 9th, 1.53.23

Dana and Jeannette ran the SantaMonica 10 K.

We came in 13th and 14th in our age group.
Our time was about 47 minutes.

GRR take Tucson and Las Vegas on Marathon weekend

Congratulations to Eric, Steve, Ken and Fasteddie! Boston qualifiers for all (almost)!
Eric: 3:18:43 WOW!
Steve: 3:28:21 Porchdog will not have to go home with his tail between his legs!
Ken: 3:36:48 Great run! Can you talk the BAA out of 49 seconds?
FE: 3:40:01 What can I say? He just cranks them out!

Fun Time at Petrillos

Thank you to Leon and Sue for organizing the fun evening at Petrillos!
We wished Ken and Eric well for the Tucson Marathon next Sunday. (Can you spell 'overtrained'!?)
Lois, from CC, joined us--how great to have a GRR sponser!
Even Robert Bush made a cameo appearance, as he has now become a GOLFER!!!
Have a great holiday season!

Congratulations to Bert

After 4 attempts to place in this race, Bert came in 1st in his age group at the Mission Inn Run in Riverside with a time of 20:15.