Jester Marathon is a Big Hit!

We all had such a great time this morning. Everyone competed well and there was a great sense of camaraderie with everyone cheering each runner or walker in.
A special thanks to Leon and Sue for organizing this great event, I hope we can do it every year.
Thanks to all who brought food and drinks and helped to set up chairs and EZ-ups. Thanks to Tim and John for noting the times of each competitor on each lap - quite an achievement.

Santa Anita 5K

The weather was great and we had a wonderful time!! There was some pretty good times, and Bert placed in his age group!

Brian - 19:55 - 10th AG
Leon - 20:36 - 9th AG
Bert - 21:32 - 3rd AG
Andrea - 21:36 - 6th AG
Ed - 22:13 - 4th AG
Tyler - 22:43 - 16th AG
Tim - 22:43 - 17th AG
Big Mike - 27:00
Sue - 28:32 - 16th AG
Richard - 28:46 - 6th AG
Ron - 29:59 - 58th AG
Amity - 41:58 - 21st AG

Go Ridgerunners!