La Canada 5k

Bert gets 2nd place(21:30 AG) on a hilly La Canada 5K. Well done Bert!

Santa Monica Mountains 30K

Congratulations go to Wendy! She ran the Santa Monica Mountains 30K trail race yesterday, with a great finishing time of 3 hrs 37 mins. She was hoping to break 4 hours, and did it in style. There were 3 significant climbs in the race. The end of the race called for about a 2+ or so miles of generous and well deserved downhill. Wendy began picking off the other runners and I estimate we passed at least 8 to 10 in this time (several of them men, actually most of them men). She finished incredibly strong and we woulda caught two additional female runners if we woulda had about another quarter mile.

Rincon 20 club gets 3 new members

The Rincon 20 miler is one of the more difficult GRR training runs. The elevation net gain is at least 5000 feet and the GPS comes in at 6226 feet. The first 10 miles is a difficult uphill with a 1 mile down hill break at around mile 5. The last few miles of the down hill is in open sun and usually hot.

Congratulations to Wendy, Linda and Mike for joining the Rincon 20 club. Other members are Ken, Leon, Xander, Eric and Paul. Thanks to Leon and Paul for driving us back and providing some extra water and energy drinks.

Mission Inn 5K

Bert placed 1st (AG) at the Mission Inn 5K at Riverside for the second year in a row. Nice going!