Pink Buffalo 10K in Eugene, Oregon

While visiting Eugene to watch the Olympic Trails, Leon ran a 42.59 for a 3rd Place and Enrique ran 43.17 for a 2nd Place in his age group in the Pink Buffalo 10K.

Ten Miler Championship in Korea

Congratulations to Valerie stationed in South Korea. She says, "Still running in South Korea! So hot here, which is probably why I looked so happy to see that finish line."

Camp Pendleton Mud Run

John, Andrea, Brian and Tim had some fun at the Camp Pendleton Mud Run. Weekend athletes run, jump and slither in the World Famous Mud Run, complete with hills, tire obstacles, river crossings and, near the finish, a 30-foot mud pit.

Fontana Half Marathon

Lauren 1.27.28 4th women overall, 2nd in age group - PR? (let us know Lauren) Tyler 1.35.42 PR Marysela 1.42.49 PR Mike Cormier 1.47.50 Well done to all!