Monday night "Bike GMR"

Monday night 'Bike GMR' is underway! We are going to try a 5:30 start from Joan's house, OR 5:45 from the turnout across from Big Dalton on GMR. See calendar for more detatils, or email the ridgerunners.

LA Marathon Finishers

Congratulations to Paul and Thomas for running the LA Marathon.
Paul came in at 4:09 and Thomas at 3:46.
Good going on a tough course.

Pride of the Foothills 5K

Our local 5K run will be on Saturday, May 10th this year. We will have a booth at the Health Expo and our sponsor, Classic Coffee, will be serving complimentary coffee.

Come and and run this fun event. Last year almost everyone in the club placed. If you are not race ready, come out and help us at the booth.

We will go out to breakfast after.

More details to follow.

Glendora Village to Mt Baldy Village

On March 22, Eric will conquer the never accomplished Glendora Village to Mt Baldy Village run course.

Eric will leave Classic Coffee and head to out on this 24 mile course up GMR.

Please join him at the start, running or on bike. Also, some people will drive to baldy, then back track until the come to Eric. Or run or bike the whole thing with him.

Note: GMR is not open all the way to Baldy by car. The road is closed at the saddle, one mile from the village.

Watch for more details, including start time and expected finish time (Beer and Burgers at the Lodge!)

Chantry Flats to West Fork Run

Eric and Ken completed their exploratory run to see if Chantry Flats to West Fork would make a good Saturday long run or training run for marathons. This course is fantastic with water running and visible for most of the course. It is around 20-21 miles long. 7 miles up hill and 13 miles down hill.

We started the run at 6 am and it was cloudy with light fog. Ken's GPS watch was acting up so we could not map the course. This created a little anxiety, since we are sensitive to how many miles we run into the canyon in case we get lost and want to turn back.

The first 5 miles up the canyon was fairly easy. The uphills are mild with easy stretches and a wonderful stream with waterfalls all the way up. After 5 miles, we started our ascent up to Newcombs Pass at around mile 6. This mile is more difficult and reminded of Garcia in some spots.

When we reached Newcombs, the cloud cover was below us like a thick white blanket with deep blue skys overhead. The most beautiful picture of the year and I didn't bring my camera.

At mile 7 we got lost for about 10 minutes. The trail down to Cogswell has the marker 2N25. The down hill is fast and long down to Cogswell.

Special thanks to Fe and Porchdog for meeting us at Cogswell and giving us rides back from West Fork.