Mike Runs Garcia

Kudos to Mike for completing the Saturday long run up Garcia and down GMR for the first time. He also added 2 extra miles past Colby for a 15 mile run. That puts him well within the range of a 1/2 marathon and within reach of training for a marathon.

Congratulations to Leon!

Leon came back with a 2nd place finish in his age group at the US National Championships Long Course Duathlon in Auburn, CA. Read about his 5 1/2 hour adventure and triumph in the Glendora Ridge Runner News.

Pride of the Foothills 5K

Glendora Ridge Runner Results, Pride of the Foothills, Glendora, May 10, 2008

Xander 1st 35-40. Xander was 18.16. The new guy takes the crown for the fastest member!
Linda 1st 50-54 22:55 (PR). Linda blazed a sub 23 on her first ever 5K!
Dana 1st 25-30. Mr. Cruella De Hill was cheering!
Bert 1st 55-60. Another sub 21 and age group win for Bert.
Sarah 2nd 30-34. Wow! Just months after child birth!
Leon 3rd 50-55 19:05. I was 9 seconds faster than the age group winning time last year, and only got 3rd! The two guys that beat me bumped Ken and I down a couple of notches.
Sue 3rd 50-54 27:07 (PR) . Sue's beat her brother Ron by a few seconds. He pushed her to a PR.
Beverly 3rd 55-59 30:40 (PR).Tuesday Track helped a lot!
Ken was fast and probably a PR. Low 20 something. 4th in the age group.
Paul placed I think, but I'm not sure of his time.

It was nice to see Haia, Candace, Debbie, Leslie, Thomas, Mike (first 5K) and Steve out.

New member Wendy may have placed.