Dana Point Turkey Trot

Happy Thanksgiving to all. The Ridge Runners did well at the Dana Point Turkey Trot. Leon ran 39.11, Bert 42.42 and Thomas 43.54. Everybody was happy with their times.

Fit 4 Fall 5K, sponsored by the Bryan Clay Foundation

Fun was had by all. Many great performances and tons of medals. The weather cooperated and the inaugural event was a huge success. The Ridge Runners were happy to be part of this local community event and we thank Bryan Clay and his Foundation for all they do. We are already looking forward to next year's event!
Xander, 17.50, 3rd Overall! Wolf, 19.55, 1st AG (just 2 weeks after the NY Marathon!) Brian, 20.15, 1st AG Leon, 20.18, 2nd AG Bert, 21.29, 1st AG, Enrique, 21.32, 3rd AG (just 2 weeks after NY Marathon!) Andrea, 22.02, 3rd Woman Overall! Ed, 22.20, 1st AG Amber, 22.23, 1st AG Tyler, 22.26, 2nd AG Tim, 22.41 Kate, 23.08 1st AG Eric (the Chef), 23.20 Dawn, 24.04, 2nd AG (just 2 weeks after Greece Marathon!) Linda, 24.05, 1st AG Patia, 24.30 Richard, 28.03, Joan B, 39.59, 3rd AG, Amity, 44.29, 1st AG, (Congratulators to the Ridge Walkers!) Peggy, 44.30, 2nd AG Libby, 46.00, 3rd AG...

Greece Marathon

Greece Marathon Results are in: Evelyn Valenzuela 3.40 PR and BQ! Dawn Jackson 3.58 and Frances Arriaga 4.27. Great times. Congratulations to all.

New York City Marathon

Congratulations to Enrique and Wolf in the New York Marathon. Enrique finished in 3:22:31 (7.44 pace) and Wolf finished in 3:28:49 (7.59 pace), fantastic times guys!