Running the Ridge by Veronica

Jester Marathon Relays

Carol, Joe and Leon drove down to Temecula and joined Steve and the Temecula Trotters in the Jester Marathon Relay. The Ridge Runners were well represented. Joe and Carol won the event with a 2.57 marathon (Joe 20/Carol 6). Leon, Steve and Dan took 2nd with a 3.11 (Leon 12/Steve 10/Dan 4).

The hosts, Eric and Noni (ultra running legends) were great. The format was really fun. It consisted of a 2 mile loop. The only rule is that a team member must run at least 2 laps (4 miles total). The rest is up to you. The 26 miles can then be broken up however a team wants (as you can see from our two examples). It was low key and non-competitive, but a ton of fun.

We will try to do one of these locally so the Ridge Runners can experience this fun format.

San Bernadino Mud Run

Andrea and Brian did the San Bernardino Mud run 5k last saturday and did really well. Andrea was the first female to finish the race and got 21st overall (31:55).  Brian finished 9th overall and first in his age group (29:53).   It was a good warm up run for Camp Pendleton Mud Run next month.

Grand Canyon R2R2R

Xander, Joe, Ulrich and Ken completed the rim to rim to rim run at the Grand Canyon.  The run started at the South rim at the Bright Angel trail at 4:30 in the morning and 32 degrees at the top.  We crossed the Colorado river and went up the North Kaibab trail up to the North rim.  We returned back to the Colorado river with the temperature around 90 degrees at the bottom.  We got back in the evening to the South Rim up the South Kaibab trail.  The run was about 46 miles and took about 16-17 hours.

Pride of the Foothills 5K

We had the overall male (Joe 16:18) and female (Marianne 21:10) winners!!!

We had at least 34 runners compete earning 19 awards and at least 13 personal bests. Congrats to all!

Name        Time    Place               Personal Best!
Joe           16.18  1st Overall!
Andrew    19.40  Yes!
Ken          19.45  1st Age Group  Yes!
Leon         19.52  2nd Age Group
Scot          19.58  3rd Age Group Yes!
Enrique      20.08                           Yes!
Tim S.       20.46  3rd Age Group
Wolf          21.02                           Yes!
Marianne   21.10  1st Overall!
Bert           21.16 1st Age Group
Tim G.       21.47
Ed             22.00                           Yes!
Amber       22.12  1st Age Group
Wendy      22.32  1st Age Group   Yes!
Alison        22.44  2nd Age Group  Yes!
Carol         22.45  1st Age Group
Sarah         22.58 2nd Age Group
Sarah B.    23.10 1st Age Group
Stephanie   23.37 3rd Age Group
Patia          23.43  3rd Age Group
Mariela      24.04  2nd Age Group
Dawn        24.08
Erick         24.50
Paul          25.51 2nd Age Group
Valerie      26.32                           Yes!
Thomas    26.29
Alejandra  26.35                          Yes!
Kim         26.45Yes!
Richard    26.59 2nd Age Group  Yes!
Sue          27.10 2nd Age Group
Ron         27.20
Kristen    29.58
Veronica 30.11
Victor     30.17                            Yes!