Running In the Snow

Xander enjoying running in the snow!

Laughlin Half Marathon and 5K

Sue and Leon ran a race in Laughlin, Nevada along the Colorado River. Leon ran a 1.35 half marathon (7.15 pace) for his comeback from injury race and got 4th overall.  Sue ran the 5K and got 4th in her age group.  Good going both of you!

Old Goat 50 Mile Trail Race

Big congratulations to Wendy, Todd and Andrew of the SoCal DayBreakers for completing the Old Goat 50.  It is located in the Trabuco region of the Cleveland National Forest and is one of the hardest 50 milers in the country with 13,000 feet of elevation gain.  Henry was a volunteer for the race.  This was a major step for Wendy in her pursuit to do her first 100 mile race.  She did the race in 11:20, a very good time.

Congratulations LA Marathon Runners

Joe 2.56 BQ
Ken 3.28 BQ
Eric Guzman 3.38
Adrian 3.59
Jose coming off of injury 3.59
Tyler 4.08 debut
Leon pacing Tyler
Patia 4.23 PR
Ed 4.33
Dawn 4.33
Erick 4.48 debut
Veronica 5.23 PR
Barbara 5.30
Richard 5.37
Valerie 5.51 debut

Camp Pendleton Devil Dog Duathlon

This was a 5k run - 30k ride - 5k run in the Mountain bile class

Brian Faber - 2nd place group - 1:42:49
Andrea Almquist - 1st place group - 1:53:43

Good going in placing in a hard and competive race!


After a wrong turn on the APU 5k figure-eight course, and redirecting the first place female finisher, Owen finishes in 20:24.  Good running Owen!