Enrique at the San Dimas 5K

The San Dimas 5K this morning was a blast and I came in second in my age group. My run time was 20:50 and a little bit better than last year's 21:10. Small improvement but every little bit helps... Tyler also took home some hardware but can't remember if it was 1st or 2nd in his age group. Sammy was also there and also took home a medal in his age group. It was funny because he was running 50 yards in front of me but I could not catch him, even in the downhill home stretch.

Sarah 23:15
Wolf 20:31

Wendy's Report on the Chimera 100K

I don't know if anyone remembers but last year in December I did a race called Chimera 100k and it rained so hard that the race was canceled in the middle. I was doing really good, and was so sad we all had to stop. I got 37 miles that day in rain and hail! It was crazy! Well I came back this year! The race was moved to Sept to avoid the rain thing. I was happy to be back to finish my race:) The course was changed some and I planned to run hard this time. I ran HARD, it was great for the first 36 miles!!!! Then I went up Silverado trail at 2pm in the heat and got cramps and dehydrated, at the aid station I was told to sit down and drink, I had to stay awhile. I finally begged them to leave as I was a girl comming up the trail and at the time was in 2nd place!!! Well somehow I pulled it together and stayed ahead of her!!!!

I came in 2nd woman in 16:24 and 6th person overall. I am so excited! I have been working hard at the track to get faster on the flats and downs!! Thanks to Brian and Andrea for helping guide me:)

Cheryl runs AC 100

Check out Cheryl's report on the AC100. Awesome job Cheryl!!!

Mt. Baldy Race

Congratulations to Marianne for running up Mt. Baldy in 1:33:39. She came in sixth for women and 3rd in her age group.

Conquer the Bridge

Enrique brings home some hardware from this race and came in second in his age group. He ran the 5.33 miles in 37:12 min at a pace of 7:02. It was overcast and cool temps. Never saw the sun. Overall a great race, but the climb up the bridge was tough. Last year he finished in 40:26 at a pace of 8:06, so all of those hill repeats and long runs definitely make a difference!