Palos Verdes 5K

Owen ran in the Palos Verdes 5K, (during the marathon) on the coast cliffs near Long Beach. It was a drizzley rain day, and a hilly course. He came in at 19:22, 5th OA, and PR. Great time Owen!

"Don't Be a Hater of the Tater" Marathon

Congratulations to all the Glendora Ridge Runners who participated in the SoCal DayBreakers sponsored taterthon. A 27 mile event with lots of elevation gain.

Joe and Xander took 1st and 2nd!
Other runners were Jose, Eric, Ken, Wendy, Tarrah, Amber, Evelyn, Dawn, Veronica, Barbara.

Thank you to the DayBreakers for putting on such a fabulous race.

Monrovia Fountain to the Falls

Andrew finished 2nd overall in the inaugural Monrovia Fountain to the Falls race on Saturday in Monrovia. He had a time of 46:01! A few of us ran it on Thursday and it's a very tough 7 mile course. The first half is "all" up hill and much of it fairly steep.

Andrew 46:01 2nd O.A.!
Ed 59:08
Richard D. 1:11:29
We would have all come in 1st in our age group if they had recognized placement by age groups. It was a great day for a race. And we all enjoyed the Monrovia Fire Department's Pancake Breakfast after the race!