Strawberry Stampede

Strawberry Stampede Results, 5/27/2012: 5K Ed, 22.23 1st, Sue Laub 30.13 6th, Ron Atkinson 30.26 7th. 10K Leon Laub 41.48 1st. Good running everyone!

Rigas Marathon in Latvia

We heard through the grapevine (boy, that's a long grapevine!) that Xander broke 3 hours in a marathon in Eastern Europe. In his first official street marathon, Xander finished 38th out of 892 finishers of the marathon. Woohoo!!!

Pasadena Marathon and Half

Congratulations to Marianne and Linda. Marianne did Pasadena full in 3:19:58. Linda finished the Pasadena Half Marathon in 1.44, good for a first in her age group! (By the way, she ran the Magic Shoe 5K yesterday!).

Fountain to the Falls

The race course is challenging and features over 1,000ft elevation climb on the way up to the waterfall in Monrovia.   Andrew came in 4th overall and 1st in AG with a time of 44:28 (2 minutes faster than last year!).  Enrique finished in first place in his age group 50-59 with a time of 51:02.  Ed also medals with a time of 57:55.

Magic Shoe 5K

Leon Laub 19.41 3rd, Tyler 21.16 PR, Bert 21.47 5th, Linda 22.16 2nd, Sue 30.57. Linda and Leon got on the podium at this very fast Usatf Sca Grand Prix race. Tyler ran his all time PR and Sue made her comeback with her first race in 7 months!