Houston Marathon

Congratulations to Big Mike for completing the Houston Marathon in 3:50 under not so good weather conditions. It was a bit warm 60 degrees at 6 AM and it was very humid and windy. Normally its in the low 40s at start time. Mike ran with the 3.30 pace group up to mile 16 until he started cramping in the hamstrings. He ran/walked the last 10 miles and finished the race.

Glendora Ridge Runners: Fun, Friendly, and (Sometimes) Fast

Glendora Ridge Runners running club provides a fun, comfortable atmosphere for runners of all abilities. Thank you to Hollie Reina for writing an article on the Glendora Ridge Runners. See the glendora.patch.com.

Pomona Half Marathon

Congratulations to Tyler and Thomas for running the Pomona Holiday 1/2 this morning.
Tyler 1:45:13
Thomas 1:46:17