Calico Trail Race 30K/50K

This was a big event for the ridge runners and the first time experience for many of us doing an endurance run. Thanks to Cheryl for coaching us newbies.

30K results:
Xander 2:30 3rd place overall,
Leon 2:50 3rd AG,
Amber 3:19 3rd place overall
50K results:
Eric 5:23 5th AG,
Ken 5:36 4th AG,
Cheryl 5:48 5th overall,
Linda 6:01 10th overall,
Wendy 6:33 14th overall

Houston Marathon

Michael completed the Houston Marathon with a fine time of 3:35 which included hitting the wall and walking some. Good going Mike!

Cheryl ranks 41st in 100-Mile Top Women Finishers 2008

Congratulations to Cheryl who is ranked 41st among all 100 mile women runners in 2008. Even more impressive is that she is 2nd in her age group.