Las Vegas Half Marathon

Results for the Las Vegas half Marathon,
Brian - 1:32:53
Andrea - 1:46:20
Tim S. - 1:42:14
Nate - 1:43:17 (PR)

Dana Point Turkey Trot

Happy Thanksgiving to all. The Ridge Runners did well at the Dana Point Turkey Trot. Leon ran 39.11, Bert 42.42 and Thomas 43.54. Everybody was happy with their times.

Fit 4 Fall 5K, sponsored by the Bryan Clay Foundation

Fun was had by all. Many great performances and tons of medals. The weather cooperated and the inaugural event was a huge success. The Ridge Runners were happy to be part of this local community event and we thank Bryan Clay and his Foundation for all they do. We are already looking forward to next year's event!
Xander, 17.50, 3rd Overall! Wolf, 19.55, 1st AG (just 2 weeks after the NY Marathon!) Brian, 20.15, 1st AG Leon, 20.18, 2nd AG Bert, 21.29, 1st AG, Enrique, 21.32, 3rd AG (just 2 weeks after NY Marathon!) Andrea, 22.02, 3rd Woman Overall! Ed, 22.20, 1st AG Amber, 22.23, 1st AG Tyler, 22.26, 2nd AG Tim, 22.41 Kate, 23.08 1st AG Eric (the Chef), 23.20 Dawn, 24.04, 2nd AG (just 2 weeks after Greece Marathon!) Linda, 24.05, 1st AG Patia, 24.30 Richard, 28.03, Joan B, 39.59, 3rd AG, Amity, 44.29, 1st AG, (Congratulators to the Ridge Walkers!) Peggy, 44.30, 2nd AG Libby, 46.00, 3rd AG...

Greece Marathon

Greece Marathon Results are in: Evelyn Valenzuela 3.40 PR and BQ! Dawn Jackson 3.58 and Frances Arriaga 4.27. Great times. Congratulations to all.

New York City Marathon

Congratulations to Enrique and Wolf in the New York Marathon. Enrique finished in 3:22:31 (7.44 pace) and Wolf finished in 3:28:49 (7.59 pace), fantastic times guys!

Long Beach Half

It was a beautiful morning to run. 57 at the start. Only about 65 at the finish. Clear blue skies. I am so happy with my time and I am very grateful. I was blessed to be able to hold that pace today. I ran the first 10 miles with a 3.05 marathon pace group. I just hung on for dear life until the marathon and half marathon split at 10 miles. Thanks to all you. I couldn't do it without great training partners! See you out there.
Congratulations Leon - great time of 1:32.

Santa Monica 5000 10K

Leon and Bert ran the Santa Monica 5000 10K. Bert won his age group and Leon got second.

Recent Marathons by Ridge Runners

Congratulations to Thomas for finishing the Lake Tahoe Marathon in a time of 4:12. He placed 62 out of 289 and placing 5 in his age group.

Congratulations to John M. and Dave for finishing the St. George Marathon. John's time was 3:27, but he chickened out on the flash mob before the race!

Boot Camp Challenge at the MCRD in San Diego

Results from Boot Camp Challenge

Brian 19:48 - 1st AG
Andrea - 22:15 - 1st AG
Tim - 22:30 7th AG


Corrida de Corrales 10K in New Mexico

Congratulations to Andrew who was 2nd overall (41.20) and Ken was 6th overall (44.48) and both 1st in AG.

Bonelli Park Triathlon

Congratulations to the finishers in the Bonelli Park Triathlon!!

San Dimas 5K

Group shot from the San Dimas 5K with lots of winner!

Gaia Dennison 21:04 - 1st Place overall (12 yrs old)
Richard Di Bacco 27:30 - 3rd Place Age Group
Dawn Jackson 24:45 - 3rd Place Age Group
Enrique 21:07 - 1st Place Age Group
Tyler Okamoto 21.44 3rd Place Age Group
Amber Dennison 23.12 1st Place Age Group

San Francisco Marathon

Congratulations to Tyler for finishing the San Francisco Marathon (4:30) and his mom Amity in the Wahine Half Marathon.

Angeles Crest 100

Ken does his first 100 miler (32:20)!
Thank you to Xander and Joe for pacing me.

Shadow of the Giants 50K

Barbara, Veronica, Dawn and Evelyn at the Shadow of the Giants 50K. Congratulations to all of you on your first ultra distance up in Yosemite!!!

Palos Verdes 5K

Owen ran in the Palos Verdes 5K, (during the marathon) on the coast cliffs near Long Beach. It was a drizzley rain day, and a hilly course. He came in at 19:22, 5th OA, and PR. Great time Owen!

"Don't Be a Hater of the Tater" Marathon

Congratulations to all the Glendora Ridge Runners who participated in the SoCal DayBreakers sponsored taterthon. A 27 mile event with lots of elevation gain.

Joe and Xander took 1st and 2nd!
Other runners were Jose, Eric, Ken, Wendy, Tarrah, Amber, Evelyn, Dawn, Veronica, Barbara.

Thank you to the DayBreakers for putting on such a fabulous race.

Monrovia Fountain to the Falls

Andrew finished 2nd overall in the inaugural Monrovia Fountain to the Falls race on Saturday in Monrovia. He had a time of 46:01! A few of us ran it on Thursday and it's a very tough 7 mile course. The first half is "all" up hill and much of it fairly steep.

Andrew 46:01 2nd O.A.!
Ed 59:08
Richard D. 1:11:29
We would have all come in 1st in our age group if they had recognized placement by age groups. It was a great day for a race. And we all enjoyed the Monrovia Fire Department's Pancake Breakfast after the race!

Jester Marathon is a Big Hit!

We all had such a great time this morning. Everyone competed well and there was a great sense of camaraderie with everyone cheering each runner or walker in.
A special thanks to Leon and Sue for organizing this great event, I hope we can do it every year.
Thanks to all who brought food and drinks and helped to set up chairs and EZ-ups. Thanks to Tim and John for noting the times of each competitor on each lap - quite an achievement.

Santa Anita 5K

The weather was great and we had a wonderful time!! There was some pretty good times, and Bert placed in his age group!

Brian - 19:55 - 10th AG
Leon - 20:36 - 9th AG
Bert - 21:32 - 3rd AG
Andrea - 21:36 - 6th AG
Ed - 22:13 - 4th AG
Tyler - 22:43 - 16th AG
Tim - 22:43 - 17th AG
Big Mike - 27:00
Sue - 28:32 - 16th AG
Richard - 28:46 - 6th AG
Ron - 29:59 - 58th AG
Amity - 41:58 - 21st AG

Go Ridgerunners!

LA Marathon 2011

The Glendora Ridge Runners did a great job at the Los Angeles Marathon today.

Enrique, 3.26, A Boston Qualifier on his debut!
Sharon, 3.27 Wow!
Amber, 3.40, Another BQ!
Tyler, 4.10, Great Run!

Great times for all considering that it rained for the entire race. Sometimes very hard.
Congratulations to all.

Pasadena Triathlon

Yesenia did her first tri at the Pasadena Triathlon. Her sprint result was 1:33. Awesome Yesenia!!!

Chris's 50 mile run at Copper Canyon

Copper Canyons 2011

Visiting the village of Urique in the Copper Canyons was truly an amazing experience. From the two day journey through Mexico by train and bus, to the two 18 mile group hikes in the days leading up to the race, and the cultural exchange all made for one of the best weeks of my life! Though I wasn't very fast, things went surprisingly smoothly on race day, I started out at a nice easy pace that I held for the flat sections, and walked the uphills. I felt pretty strong until about mile 22, when I started to hit the wall. At that point I slowed to a pace alternating between walking and running, which I kept up through the toughest climp of the course. Then surprisingly I started feeling stronger as I neared the 30 mile point. I guess it was the adrenaline and excitement of how close I was to completion of my first 50 miler. From then on things went pretty smoothly, I wasn't moving very fast due to my stiff ham strings, but slowly but surely I was inching toward to finish line and feeling stronger and more excited with each passing mile. I crossed the finish line in just over 12 hours and was awarded a voucher for 500 pounds of corn, which I gave to Caballo Blanco to distribute among the local schools and people of Urique. I think it's very unfortunate that Mexico has such a bad reputation right now, when in reality the majority of the people down there are very friendly and hospitable. Caballo Blanco has dedicated his life to helping support the Tarahumara and their running culture, in working hard to collect donations, and organize the race, in addition to Supplying the money for all of the corn out of his own pocket. I strongly recommend this race to anyone not only for the running and beautiful scenery but for the cultural exchange, and what is truly a remarkable experience!
More Photos...

Brea 8K Classic

Master's Team: 1st Place Masters Division!

John 32.40 7th AG
Ken 32.41 8th AG
Leon 33.44 13th AG
Enrique 35.07 18th AG
Bert 35.37 4th AG (Awards were 5 deep!)
Sue 48.49

Open Team: 6th Overall. Just 1 minute out of 3rd!

Joe 27.18 18th OA, 1st AG
Erick 30.57 8th AG
Jose 31.59 9th AG
Brian 33.26 12th AG
Mike 35.50
Andrea 37.36 14th AG
Barbara 49.50
Veronica 50.07

We had a great time at the Brea 8K today. It was 34 degrees when we parked! The race was incredibly competitive and fast. Our teams ran really well.  Congratulations to all.

Palm Springs Half and Ventura Half

Palm Springs results:
Sue 28:29 ( 5K)
Leon 1:33:24 (Half Marathon) - 4th in age group
Bert 1:4014 (Half Marathon) - 1st in age group
Those were great times guys. Good job everyone.

Congrats go to John Martens for a great finish in the Ventura Half Marathon today - John powered through to finish in 1:32:50.

Surf City Half Marathon

Surf City Half Results: Owen 1.29 PR, Steve A. 1.37, Tyler 1.44, Richard Di Bacco 2.18 PR and at the Rose Bowl Half Ed at 1.51 for 2nd Place in his age group. Congratulations to all.

Houston Marathon

Congratulations to Big Mike for completing the Houston Marathon in 3:50 under not so good weather conditions. It was a bit warm 60 degrees at 6 AM and it was very humid and windy. Normally its in the low 40s at start time. Mike ran with the 3.30 pace group up to mile 16 until he started cramping in the hamstrings. He ran/walked the last 10 miles and finished the race.

Glendora Ridge Runners: Fun, Friendly, and (Sometimes) Fast

Glendora Ridge Runners running club provides a fun, comfortable atmosphere for runners of all abilities. Thank you to Hollie Reina for writing an article on the Glendora Ridge Runners. See the

Pomona Half Marathon

Congratulations to Tyler and Thomas for running the Pomona Holiday 1/2 this morning.
Tyler 1:45:13
Thomas 1:46:17