Long Beach Marathon Celebration

Brian 3.40.36 PR
Andrea 3.42.37 Debut
Tim 4.21.03 Debut
Mary 4.54

Half Marathon:
Enrique 1:31:57

...Congratulations to everybody.

Rebecca at the Twin Cities Marathon

Just wanted to share that running with you, and especially the the track workouts/hill work really helped me prepare for Twin Cities Marathon. But one thing I did lack, was working on tempo runs. I had a great first half, but I started getting knee pain about mile 16/17. I had to walk most of the last miles. I started off too fast, and felt great, not realizing I was going to pay for it later. So lessons learned. Other than that, Twin Cities is very beautiful course to run on. Weather was great (high of 75 at the end), but you do get a lot of shade and cool breezes. There is steady incline after mile 19 to the finish. Everything is well organized, and bus transportation was provided to start line from St. Paul. Free breakfast too on race morning if you stay at Embassy Suites in St. Paul.

Here are a couple of pictures to share. I would definitely recommend this race. Maybe not a PR race, but definitely is one of the most beautiful urban runs. Congratulations Rebecca!!!

Azusa 5K

Azusa 5K Results: Eric (Covina Coach) 17.57, 4ht OA, 1st AG; Enrique 20.01 9th OA, 1st AG, Bert 20.50 1st AG; Tim 21.29 3rd AG; Tyler 21.30 4th AG; Sue 29.04 1st AG. Congrats to all.

Jose sets a Wow PR at the St. George Marathon

The weather was hot this year at St. George. We had a great time and a number of PRs were set. Congratulations to all the Ridgerunners who parcipated in this race.

Jose 2:57 (Wow PR, BQ)
Ken 3:22 (PR, BQ)
Dawn 4:10 (PR)
Dave 4:27
Patia 5:00 (rough last week but hanging tough through 17 miles in the heat and finished)
Eddie came in under 6 as planned with that new knee.