Big Sur Half Marathon

Congratulations to Leon for running the Big Sur Half on Monterey Bay. He hasn't been training that hard coming off an injury and still ran a 1:24 (6th in AG).

Saddleback Marathon

A trail marathon!! Wendy did it in 4:24 good for 4th woman. The course had 5100 feet of elevation gain. Funny thing is her first marathon was Surf city in 2007 and her time was......4:24!! Wendy is finally getting better at those hills.

Long Beach Marathon Celebration

Brian 3.40.36 PR
Andrea 3.42.37 Debut
Tim 4.21.03 Debut
Mary 4.54

Half Marathon:
Enrique 1:31:57

...Congratulations to everybody.

Rebecca at the Twin Cities Marathon

Just wanted to share that running with you, and especially the the track workouts/hill work really helped me prepare for Twin Cities Marathon. But one thing I did lack, was working on tempo runs. I had a great first half, but I started getting knee pain about mile 16/17. I had to walk most of the last miles. I started off too fast, and felt great, not realizing I was going to pay for it later. So lessons learned. Other than that, Twin Cities is very beautiful course to run on. Weather was great (high of 75 at the end), but you do get a lot of shade and cool breezes. There is steady incline after mile 19 to the finish. Everything is well organized, and bus transportation was provided to start line from St. Paul. Free breakfast too on race morning if you stay at Embassy Suites in St. Paul.

Here are a couple of pictures to share. I would definitely recommend this race. Maybe not a PR race, but definitely is one of the most beautiful urban runs. Congratulations Rebecca!!!

Azusa 5K

Azusa 5K Results: Eric (Covina Coach) 17.57, 4ht OA, 1st AG; Enrique 20.01 9th OA, 1st AG, Bert 20.50 1st AG; Tim 21.29 3rd AG; Tyler 21.30 4th AG; Sue 29.04 1st AG. Congrats to all.

Jose sets a Wow PR at the St. George Marathon

The weather was hot this year at St. George. We had a great time and a number of PRs were set. Congratulations to all the Ridgerunners who parcipated in this race.

Jose 2:57 (Wow PR, BQ)
Ken 3:22 (PR, BQ)
Dawn 4:10 (PR)
Dave 4:27
Patia 5:00 (rough last week but hanging tough through 17 miles in the heat and finished)
Eddie came in under 6 as planned with that new knee.

Enrique at the San Dimas 5K

The San Dimas 5K this morning was a blast and I came in second in my age group. My run time was 20:50 and a little bit better than last year's 21:10. Small improvement but every little bit helps... Tyler also took home some hardware but can't remember if it was 1st or 2nd in his age group. Sammy was also there and also took home a medal in his age group. It was funny because he was running 50 yards in front of me but I could not catch him, even in the downhill home stretch.

Sarah 23:15
Wolf 20:31

Wendy's Report on the Chimera 100K

I don't know if anyone remembers but last year in December I did a race called Chimera 100k and it rained so hard that the race was canceled in the middle. I was doing really good, and was so sad we all had to stop. I got 37 miles that day in rain and hail! It was crazy! Well I came back this year! The race was moved to Sept to avoid the rain thing. I was happy to be back to finish my race:) The course was changed some and I planned to run hard this time. I ran HARD, it was great for the first 36 miles!!!! Then I went up Silverado trail at 2pm in the heat and got cramps and dehydrated, at the aid station I was told to sit down and drink, I had to stay awhile. I finally begged them to leave as I was a girl comming up the trail and at the time was in 2nd place!!! Well somehow I pulled it together and stayed ahead of her!!!!

I came in 2nd woman in 16:24 and 6th person overall. I am so excited! I have been working hard at the track to get faster on the flats and downs!! Thanks to Brian and Andrea for helping guide me:)

Cheryl runs AC 100

Check out Cheryl's report on the AC100. Awesome job Cheryl!!!

Mt. Baldy Race

Congratulations to Marianne for running up Mt. Baldy in 1:33:39. She came in sixth for women and 3rd in her age group.

Conquer the Bridge

Enrique brings home some hardware from this race and came in second in his age group. He ran the 5.33 miles in 37:12 min at a pace of 7:02. It was overcast and cool temps. Never saw the sun. Overall a great race, but the climb up the bridge was tough. Last year he finished in 40:26 at a pace of 8:06, so all of those hill repeats and long runs definitely make a difference!

Vineman Triathalon

Congratulations to Joe and Scott for completing the Vineman.
Waiting to hear from Scott.
Joe's total time was about 10 hours 50 minutes, for 24th place overall, and 4th in AG. That's the good news. The bad news is that his little brother was 21st overall. Joe claims that he is an athletic demi-god who poses as a human being. Someone has to give Joe some competition.

San Francisco Marathon/Half Marathon

Good going Ridge Runners!
Richard Ide 4:20

Porchdog (Steve) 1:42
Ed 1.51
Dawn 2.01
Tyler 1.52

Mt Shasta 5-mile Race

Congratulations to Tarrah for participating in the "biggest small-town foot race in america" in the City of Mt. Shasta. She placed 5th with a time of 41:52. Good going Tarrah!

Camp Pendleton Mud Run 10k

Andrea and Brian did the Camp Pendleton Mud Run this weekend. Andrea was the 3rd overall female finisher with a time of 57:13 which also got her 2nd place in her age group and 44th overall. Brian got 52:25 which got him 11th place overall and 3rd in his age group. There was a total of 1,680 people that completed the race and about equal for men and women competitors. For those of you who have done the Mud Run in the past the river crossing was the deepest I have ever seen at some points 6 feet deep.

Wendy does her first 100 miler!

After many years of wanting to do the big one,  Wendy did her first 100 miler at the San Diego 100 in 25 hours, 48 minutes.  What a great time!  Congratulations Wendy!!!  Xander ran part of the course as a pacer to help out.  Congratulations to Todd who also ran the race and helped train Wendy.

San Diego Rock n Roll Marathon

Congratulations to Kristen (4:51) who ran the San Diego Marathon and Patia who did the Half Marathon (1:55)!  Patia did the Mt. Wilson trail run the week before with Dawn.

Beaumont 10K

Congratulations to Andrea and Brian for competing in the Beaumont 10K on Saturday. Andrea got 2nd female finisher with a time of 49:41 11th overall and I got 43:55 7th overall.

Running the Ridge by Veronica

Jester Marathon Relays

Carol, Joe and Leon drove down to Temecula and joined Steve and the Temecula Trotters in the Jester Marathon Relay. The Ridge Runners were well represented. Joe and Carol won the event with a 2.57 marathon (Joe 20/Carol 6). Leon, Steve and Dan took 2nd with a 3.11 (Leon 12/Steve 10/Dan 4).

The hosts, Eric and Noni (ultra running legends) were great. The format was really fun. It consisted of a 2 mile loop. The only rule is that a team member must run at least 2 laps (4 miles total). The rest is up to you. The 26 miles can then be broken up however a team wants (as you can see from our two examples). It was low key and non-competitive, but a ton of fun.

We will try to do one of these locally so the Ridge Runners can experience this fun format.

San Bernadino Mud Run

Andrea and Brian did the San Bernardino Mud run 5k last saturday and did really well. Andrea was the first female to finish the race and got 21st overall (31:55).  Brian finished 9th overall and first in his age group (29:53).   It was a good warm up run for Camp Pendleton Mud Run next month.

Grand Canyon R2R2R

Xander, Joe, Ulrich and Ken completed the rim to rim to rim run at the Grand Canyon.  The run started at the South rim at the Bright Angel trail at 4:30 in the morning and 32 degrees at the top.  We crossed the Colorado river and went up the North Kaibab trail up to the North rim.  We returned back to the Colorado river with the temperature around 90 degrees at the bottom.  We got back in the evening to the South Rim up the South Kaibab trail.  The run was about 46 miles and took about 16-17 hours.

Pride of the Foothills 5K

We had the overall male (Joe 16:18) and female (Marianne 21:10) winners!!!

We had at least 34 runners compete earning 19 awards and at least 13 personal bests. Congrats to all!

Name        Time    Place               Personal Best!
Joe           16.18  1st Overall!
Andrew    19.40  Yes!
Ken          19.45  1st Age Group  Yes!
Leon         19.52  2nd Age Group
Scot          19.58  3rd Age Group Yes!
Enrique      20.08                           Yes!
Tim S.       20.46  3rd Age Group
Wolf          21.02                           Yes!
Marianne   21.10  1st Overall!
Bert           21.16 1st Age Group
Tim G.       21.47
Ed             22.00                           Yes!
Amber       22.12  1st Age Group
Wendy      22.32  1st Age Group   Yes!
Alison        22.44  2nd Age Group  Yes!
Carol         22.45  1st Age Group
Sarah         22.58 2nd Age Group
Sarah B.    23.10 1st Age Group
Stephanie   23.37 3rd Age Group
Patia          23.43  3rd Age Group
Mariela      24.04  2nd Age Group
Dawn        24.08
Erick         24.50
Paul          25.51 2nd Age Group
Valerie      26.32                           Yes!
Thomas    26.29
Alejandra  26.35                          Yes!
Kim         26.45Yes!
Richard    26.59 2nd Age Group  Yes!
Sue          27.10 2nd Age Group
Ron         27.20
Kristen    29.58
Veronica 30.11
Victor     30.17                            Yes!

Congratulations to Chris for running his first 50K!

PCTR 50k was awesome!! Alot of diifficult hills, so I had to walk a good portion, but the view from the top made it well worth while. Could see the ocean on one side and endless stretches of mountains on the other. Two thigh deep river crossings made for a fun twist as well (I guess you call it fun) I highly recomend this race. Finished in 6:12. My first ultra and I have to say I'm hooked!

Santa Anita Derby Day 5K

Brian 19.47 PR
Scott 20.04 PR
Enrique 21.26 7th AG
Leon 21.37 8th AG
Andrea 22.10 4th AG, 15th OA
Stephanie 23.56 7th AG
Sue 28.32
Ron: 28.34 (Sue's brother).

There were many great battles. Brian didn't catch Scott until the 2nd mile. Enrique caught Leon at mile 2 and Sue didn't pass her brother until she was on the track!  Good job Ridge Runners!

Running In the Snow

Xander enjoying running in the snow!

Laughlin Half Marathon and 5K

Sue and Leon ran a race in Laughlin, Nevada along the Colorado River. Leon ran a 1.35 half marathon (7.15 pace) for his comeback from injury race and got 4th overall.  Sue ran the 5K and got 4th in her age group.  Good going both of you!

Old Goat 50 Mile Trail Race

Big congratulations to Wendy, Todd and Andrew of the SoCal DayBreakers for completing the Old Goat 50.  It is located in the Trabuco region of the Cleveland National Forest and is one of the hardest 50 milers in the country with 13,000 feet of elevation gain.  Henry was a volunteer for the race.  This was a major step for Wendy in her pursuit to do her first 100 mile race.  She did the race in 11:20, a very good time.

Congratulations LA Marathon Runners

Joe 2.56 BQ
Ken 3.28 BQ
Eric Guzman 3.38
Adrian 3.59
Jose coming off of injury 3.59
Tyler 4.08 debut
Leon pacing Tyler
Patia 4.23 PR
Ed 4.33
Dawn 4.33
Erick 4.48 debut
Veronica 5.23 PR
Barbara 5.30
Richard 5.37
Valerie 5.51 debut

Camp Pendleton Devil Dog Duathlon

This was a 5k run - 30k ride - 5k run in the Mountain bile class

Brian Faber - 2nd place group - 1:42:49
Andrea Almquist - 1st place group - 1:53:43

Good going in placing in a hard and competive race!


After a wrong turn on the APU 5k figure-eight course, and redirecting the first place female finisher, Owen finishes in 20:24.  Good running Owen!

Pasadena Marathon/Half

Congratulations to Owen who finished the Pasadena Half Marathon yesterday in 1:36; 7th in AG, a 7:21 mile pace, and his first Half. 

Congratulations Surf City and Rose Bowl Runners!

At the Surf City Half,                                                   At the Rose Bowl Half,
Jose M. 1:24 - debut 74th overall and 11th AG            Evelyn 1:47 - 3rd AG
Bert S. 1:38 - 4th AG
Linda H. 1:41 - 2nd AG, PR by 3 mins 8 secs
Tyler O. 1:44 - PR
Don  1:44
Ed R. 1:47 - PR
Mariela 1:48
Ray 1:48
Patia  1:53 - PR
Dawn  1:56
Ndinda 2:02
Kristen 2.10 - debut
Valerie 2:11 - debut
Veronica 2:25 - PR
Barbara 2:29
Lizette  2:31

Calico Trail Race 30K/50K

Xander wins the 30K event in 2:26 after showing up to the starting line 2 minutes after the race starts(bathroom break). Wendy comes in 3rd overal in 5:27!  Eric (5:07 - 3rd in AG) and Ken (5:14 - 4th in AG) did great in the 50K.  Also in photo, Todd from the DayBreakers did a blistering 4:38.

San Dimas 5K

Congratulations to our runners who ran in the San Dimas 5K.

1st Annual Shar Anderson 5K Trail Run on Feb 6

Shar Anderson was a much loved member of the Foothill Flyers Running Club and the Inland Inferno Triathlon club for many years.  She was also a math professor at Mt. Sac for more than 20 years and an elder at LaVerne Heights Presbyterian Church.  Shar passed away from cancer in Oct. 2005.  Funds raised will be used for a scholarship fund at Mt. Sac in her name.  Register at